The Letters of martinez de pasqually

Martinez de Pasqually, Letter of 20 June, 1767

Anyone entitled to address a letter or parcel to the Sovereign Tribunal as a body should place at the beginning of the first page thus, as follows — ‘To the Name of the Grand Architect of the Universe. Amen.' Then follows – ‘Joy, Peace and Salvation.'

Then – ‘From the Grand Orient of Orients of Lyons; the Masonic year 3,3,3,3,5,7,9 -601; of the Renaissance of Virtue, 2448; of the Hebraic Epoch, 5727; of Christ, vulgar style, 1767; of the last and first quarter of the Moon‘ (when it is towards the end of the Moon at her last quarter)- And when the first quarter is begun one adds —— ‘the first and last quarter of the‘ number of moons which have passed, ?? the antecedent months, Being at the last quarter of this Moon, I say —— ‘the last and first quarter of the ninth month, September.' When one is well informed he need not add the month.

Afterwards add the titles of the Sovereign Tribunal, as follows – ‘To the Grand Orient of the Orients of the Sovereign Tribunal of Masonic Chevaliers, Élus Priests of the Universe, elevated ix) the glory of the Eternal within the Northern Region, under the very exalted and powerful constitutions of our very venerable, very exalted and very powerful Grand Sovereign, now presiding at the Grand Orient of Orients, Paris.' Afterwards -— leaving a blank space of two lines - ‘Very Exalted, Very Venerable, and Very Powerful Grand Tribunal Sovereign.' Afterwards — at four fingers' distance – you affix what you desire to say to him. At the end you salute it with all the mysterious numbers known only to you, praying the Eternal that he will hold the Sovereign Tribunal in His holy keeping; and the same for all the chiefs in particular who may comprise it for time immemorial. Amen. Amen.' You then sign your ordinary name, and all your Masonic titles, or the highest degree you possess. If you write as a Rosicrucian be particular to add – ‘to the name of D.G.A.D.D. Amen. Joy, Peace, Salvation.' Afterwards you add – ‘From the Grand Orient of Lyons.'

Carefully note that you do not write in the body the Masonic year 3,3,3‚?‚4‚5,7‚9,601; of the Renaissance of Virtues, 2443. You will follow my directions for the other part. Afterwards – you will add – ‘Very Exalted, Very Venerable and Very Powerful Master.' After you have said what you wish to say, then add – ‘Behold, Venerable Master, what you require of me.'

This was made part of the reception of Brother Epernon, to whom I wish every kind of success and benedictions upon all his enterprises. I have had great satisfaction in learning about you. and the past Master Universal Deputy as an excellent acquisition which the Order has gained in you, the same as towards the T. R. Masters d'Epernon and Sellon of your Orient; still I am not the less sore at heart at the horrid irregularities which were enacted during the course of the different receptions by the T. P. Master Du Guers, Rosicrucian. I ignore the motive which made him act in this manner.

Observe the names of the Senior Brothers which I have had in my special temple since 1761, who were all initiated by me to be continued in the knowledge of the Order. The greater part are my country neighbours. I will make them members: mf the Sovereign Tribunal to judge and pass opinion upon the matters presented for or against the good of the Order. Hence before anyone transmits their Opinion to Paris, he should write to those named below concerning the petitions which the T. B. Brothers will allow to pass here: “Messieurs d'Aubenton, Commissary General Ordinary of the Marine. The Count de Maillal d'Abzac, Chevalier of Saint Louis. De Case, gentleman. De Jull Tafar, former Major of Royal Grenadiers, Chevalier of Saint Louis. The Marquis de Lescourt, Captain of the King's Regiment.

I would inform you, T. P. Master that the son whom God has given me was received Grand Master Priest last Sunday after his baptism at the seventh hour of the last solar horizon, conformable to our laws, there being present four of my Senior Priests, whose names are mentioned above.

Be careful to verify the degrees which he (De Guers) has sent you to aid your receptions of the Orient, and if they do not conform to the originals which I have given to the P. Master Deputy, return them to the Deputy that he may remit them to you conformed to the originals. I wish, in any degree, to receive only those who are genuine. It is necessary in this way to shun betraying any longer the confidence and good faith of the Men of Desire, as they have been, by a troop of would- be chiefs of the Lodge of Clermont. You should be able to judge them by the fearful events which these men have recorded for us by their contemptible conduct and their evil lives and morals, as much in the Spirit as in the writing.

I would inform you, T. ?. Master, that I will not adopt any writing which shall be given, either on the part of the T. Sovereigns of France or from one of my Rosicrucians, to some Grand Aether and Mother Lodge of France, the Temple and simple Lodge approving under pretext of instruction for the ceremony of reception of the different degrees of the different classes of the order, which may not be given according to rule by my Universal Deputy, signed by him and by his Inspector General, his general secretary or secret secretary, and which may not be stamped by my seal. All which has not been thus stamped will be regarded by my secret tribunal as clandestine and refused by me as false and deprived of my instructions analogous to the order of lawful Masons, Élus Priests. Part 4: Notes, Extracts & Letters

Consequently I shall withhold my seal, which should be placed at the bottom of every page of writing which shall be given either by me or my T. Sovereign to my Universal Deputy, in order to establish a custom which must be observed.

Martinez de Pasqually Letter of 15 April, 1768

I would inform you that M. de Saint-Martin has written to me that he would pass a part of the winter here, perhaps with the R.P. Master de Grainville. I likewise expect the T.P. Master de Bazac, who may come from Rochelle to pass some time with me for instruction and to receive their proper licences to organise a temple in the country, where they will go the last day of September or the first day of October.

With regard to the instructions which you seek for the establishment of your Grand Temple at Lyons, you can write to the T. P. Master Deputy, to whom I send everything to transmit it to all the chiefs of the temples of our affiliation.

I would also inform you that T. P. Masters d'Aubentons, Ordaining Commissary and his brother, Captain of the High Seas, Chevalier of Saint Louis, are prepared for admission to the degree of Reaux Croix at this present Equinox. They have been my disciples for ten years and deserve the recompense of their labours. I have had here M. Roze and two others from our brothers at Versailles.

Martinez de Pasqually, Letter of 25 November, 1768

The Universal Deputy Master is able to have you pass the degree which he has already passed, but the others will not be forwarded as he has not acknowledged the first, and his lack of punctuality annoys me greatly. A month has passed since they were sent.

I would inform you of the arrival of De Granville in Bordeaux with M. de Saint Martin, who came upon personal matters. M. de Granville lodges and boards with me. I am expecting immediately the P. Master, Balzac, who is at Rochelle. I think they intend to embark at Bordeaux. I will say to you that I am determined not to write more to P. Master…. of Chivalry, as I think that his affairs and his health do not allow him- time to reply to my last letters, nor to acknowledge the reception of the first degrees, which I enabled him to pass, according to the general statutes of the Order. I know not what to think of all this, but I know how to limit the confidence which I have placed in him. Try to instruct me, I pray you, concerning his manner of action towards the Order and all its members.

You can write to the P. Master, de Granville, that you greatly value his friendship and that of the Venerable Master, de Saint Martin. They await your report of P. Master de Champollion. It need not surprise us as we know what he will do in this matter. He awaits your report, but it will only be finished after three months, when the P. Master, de Granville, has promised it. They and the fifth of next month when we will write him and then inform you of that which we have said touching his absence from Lyons and why he has not returned to Lyons as promised.

Martinez de Pasqually Letter of 23 January, 1769

Du Guers is expelled from the Order.


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