Time Slip Phenomena: The Ghosts of the Trianon, The Legend of Lucy Lightfoot and the Haunting of William Hogarth

A new and expansive book examining purported 'time slip' phenomena by reference to three studies. The Ghosts of the Trianon, the fictitious legend of Lucy Lightfoot, and the Haunting of William Hogarth. Does consciousness survive death? Is time fluid? Can living and long-dead personalities connect with one another across the centuries? What are the scientific and philosophical possibilities?

With a foreword by John Meek.  




Time Slip Phenomena: The Ghosts of the Trianon, The Legend of Lucy Lightfoot and the Haunting of William Hogarth 

The theory of “time slips” is an interesting and involved one. It proposes that the ghosts we see are not actually ghosts, but rather, they are two-time streams interfering with one other. While this strips the idea of haunting of some of the romanticism, it does open other and far more interesting doors.

What if these so-called ghosts perceive us as the ghosts haunting their houses? Perhaps this is not them trying to scare us by way of some morbid, mystical appearance; maybe we are simply looking at each other in fear and amazement.

And if this is the case, how much more important is it that we try to establish intelligent communication? With this theory in place, communication become of primal importance. Imagine what we can learn from each other if we can figure out how to cross that barrier. Who knows? This might be a completely different dimension. Or maybe it could be nothing more than a mirror, though alternate image of our everyday world – people going about their daily lives along their own timeline. Or maybe, given the various theories of how time works, maybe the corridors of time are winding around each other so tightly that one can see through a sort of “window” into his neighbour's timeline.

Whatever they are, hauntings overtly point to an aspect of life that is beyond our daily experience. Once we experience one, our understanding of the world completely changes us. In an instant, we go from the basic assumption that everything is physical to the realization that our world is far more than three-dimensional; instantaneously, our world, our very existence explodes into a multi-dimensional head trip that leaves our minds expanded and dwarfed for the rest of our lives.

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The objective of this short book is to draw together some of the theories around the phenomena known as "time slips" by looking at a few case studies. The first is called The Ghosts of the Trianon (sometimes the Versailles Timeslip or the Moberly-Jourdain Incident), and which has undergone the most academic scrutiny by psychical researchers. The second case, The Legend of Lucy Lightfoot, was subsequently revealed to be fictitious but which nonetheless has archetypal value on a subconscious level.  The third case study relates to a largely forgotten account of time slip and haunting phenomena involving the eighteenth century caricaturist and satirist, William Hogarth. 

Author selling Books on Rosicrucianism and Books on Secret TraditionsFrom Aristotle to Einstein, to the research of the CIA, an idea continues to resurface that time and space are more than a single continuum. People experience time differently, and the nature of the human "mind" itself may hold the answer to the eternal question of whether survival after death is possible.

So begin a journey which will lift the veil on some of the strangest paranormal legends of all time ...

              Author selling Books on Rosicrucianism and Books on Secret Traditions