Pierre Fournié: What We Have Been, What We Are And What We Will Become

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Pierre Fournié (1738-1825) wrote his treatise 'What We Have Been, What We Are, And What We Will Become' between 1774 – 1801. It is translated here into English in its entirety for the very first time. 

The Abbé's work focuses on the core Martinist doctrine of reconciliation, regeneration, and reintegration expounded by the original Élus Coëns of Martinez de Pasqually. This is an incomparable record of one of the leading lights of eighteenth-century French esotericism.

This rare treatise is a seminal part of any collection.  With a detailed introduction about the Abbé's life and the influences on his thinking, the book includes a Preface by the Great Sovereign of the Ordre des Chevaliers Maçons Élus Coëns de l'Univers, O.O.E.C.

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Pierre Fournié: What We Have Been, What We Are And What We Will Become

A Martinist Treatise on Reconciliation, Regeneration and Reintegration from the Eighteenth Century

Author selling Books on Rosicrucianism and Books on Secret TraditionsThe core of Fournié's metaphysics concentrates on the battle raging between the forces of good and evil in the co-existing corporeal and spiritual universes. This is a struggle that continues after physical death in the continuance of a purgatorial state of existence; of which this present world and our present lives are a part. 

Pierre Fournié (1738-1825) was a tonsured priest and an early initiate into the Élus Coën. His message reflects the philosophy of the Order to live by the ways of God, so that we may little by little “dematerialize and spiritualise ourselves in the likeness" of him.  

This fascinating image is one that the Abbé' extends beyond the confines of this world and into the next, where “the mixture” of good and evil continues, and where we must settle on discerning truth and purifying ourselves through suffering until we can reconcile with God fully. Eventually, we once again become as “men of the eternal light that issues from him.”

The Abbé adopts a stoic philosophy, regarding the pursuit of virtue as the only temporal path open to man for his reintegration. The Seven Gifts of the Spirit are forces which act in opposition to Satan's desire to trick humanity into believing him as the only true god. Fournié's ethics are uncompromising. For him, the sole objective and guiding principle is discerning the will of God, through which we may become finally free of the influence of Satan and his apostles. 

All of this and more, is explained within this book, which starts off with an excellent three-part introduction by the author, who demonstrates an in-depth level of research into the subject matter - not only with Pierre Fournié, but with the Order of the Élus Coën.

                                         Author selling Books on Rosicrucianism and Books on Secret Traditions 

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