Book Cover for the Most Holy Trinosophia: A book of the Dead


The Most Holy Trinosophia –
A Book of the Dead

The very first full colour and fully restored reproduction of the entire, original manuscript         

Available as a high definition, full colour 6" x 9" hardback with dust jacket 

This edition features high-quality colour reproductions of all of the pages of the original manuscript at the Library of Troyes, France, with permission of the library and the Institute de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes, a division of CNRS.

As well as containing a complete colour reproduction of the entire manuscript, including its covers for the first time, the translator, M.R. Osborne provides a comprehensive Introduction in which he explores the similarities between the Trinosophia and the Egyptian Books of the Dead. Following the manuscript he provides a new translation of the work, using this as an opportunity to provide close-up images of the key illustrations. The book also features a Foreword by Piers A. Vaughan.

This lavishly illustrated book is reproduced on high-quality paper.

Also available in paperback. 







The Most Holy Trinosophia - A Book of the Dead

As well as containing a complete color reproduction of the entire manuscript, including the covers for the first time, this edition provides a comprehensive Introduction in which the similarities between the Trinosophia and the Egyptian Books of the Dead are explored.

Following the reproduction of the manuscript, there is a new translation of the work, which also provides close-up images of the key illustrations. The book features a Foreword by respected author Piers A. Vaughan.

Little had been covered – in English at least – since Manly P. Hall's book on the subject back in the 1930s. His book was printed in black and white, and the illustrations hard to make out. In the mid-1990s the Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes, (IRHT), which had been founded in 1937 for the purpose of cataloguing all documents and manuscripts from the Mediterranean basin in possession of French libraries, undertook the photographing of a manuscript in the Bibliothèque de Troyes, a much-debated item called La Très Sainte Trinosophe. This book has been attributed to Saint-Germain himself, and also to Cagliostro.

While versions of the color photographs taken by the IRHT have been in circulation in low quality for a few years, permission had never been formally sought to use the images, and thus their use remains open to legal consequences from the French Government for breach of copyright. It was therefore decided to formally approach both the Library in Troyes and the IRHT for permission to use the images. Fortunately, that was granted, with the stipulation that accreditation be given for each image reproduced in the book.

Since the images had been photographed in the 1990s, their quality was not good by modern standards, both because of the low pixel rate of early digital cameras, and because the original images had deteriorated over the centuries and decades it had been in existence: watercolours have a notoriously short shelf-life if exposed to air.

Author selling Books on Rosicrucianism and Books on Secret TraditionsThe assistance of image restoration specialist Steve Adams - who regularly works with the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite - was sought, as he is an expert in the field of technical restoration. Not only was he able to upgrade the images to a far higher density using digital techniques not dissimilar to polymerase chain reaction (a technique used to replicate minute samples of DNA to a size capable of being analysed), he was also able to remove much of the accumulated colour fading, fungal invasion and other attacks on the original drawings over the years to produce a series of illustrations which look almost as fresh as the day they were painted.

The final result is a spectacular reissue of a famous alchemical manuscript, allowing the reader to see the entire book. This is complemented by an introduction which discusses M.R. Osborne's theories using illustrations from both the Trinosophia and the Egyptian Books of the Dead; while his translation of the text is the first new version in English since Hall and provides close-ups of the illustrations from the original manuscript.


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“Critical book to add to your library!”

"This quality of this book is incredible. Excellent content and the illustrations are marvellous. I would recommend this book to anyone for the illustrations alone let alone the words. Excellent forward by Piers Vaughan."

James Leutri      AMAZON REVIEW


"Was running around with the Manly P. Hall version (which is also nice to have as a companion) but this new version is top of the pops! Color illustrations, nice layout and type. Content is on point."