The Letters of Martinez de Pasqually

De Grainville to Pasqually, Letter of 19 February, 1769

I would inform you, T. P. Master that we have received from the: Sovereign Tribunal the Constitution for the Temple of Libourne. I will instruct them when we shall have sent it to them to inform you of their being organized, so that you may make them understand that they are special co—workers with you.

P.S. I am working with the P. M. Deputy to arrange matters after the form which the Order will finally adopt. For it is not all to establish lodges – it is necessary to give those instructions, etc. How zealous should everyone be for the good of the order! I doubt whether each one of us can give personal instructions. It is then absolutely necessary that D. M. should go to Paris and there, under the eyes of T. S., he should work on a symbolic line such as is necessary for the satisfaction of all the world. This work finished, he will be competent to instruct of both new and old Rosicrucians. This transplantation of D.M. and his wife cannot be made without advances on the part of T.S… Don M. owes here about 1,200 Livres which it will be necessary to pay before his departure, otherwise the creditors will make an uproar and it will cause injury to the order.

Martinez de Pasqually, Letter of 29 April, 1769

I write you in haste today, Tuesday, since the arrival of a courier from Paris. I expect to receive from there this day the order of operations which I have

sent to the P. M. Deputy on his passage to Bordeaux, that he may copy them at his house in Paris and return them to me immediately in order to observe my present Equinoxes. Not having received them I am obliged to suspend all my actual work.

I am quite ready to establish any and every species of organisation with ceremonies, laws, instruction, and secret explanation, either for general and particular officers, or for the general and particular instruction of brothers, in the same manner as for the particular discourses for the reception of Apprentices, Companions and special Masters. I am actually at the instructions of' Apprentices, Companion and Master Priest and the other degrees. I am anticipating you to establish the organization of Bordeaux, with some president and councillors of our court of parliament. The lodges here are moving to enter with us, but that will only come to pass with great caution and difficulty.

I will say to you that ?. Blanquet has lifted his foot from Bordeaux with the great ability which I know him to possess of paying no one. They forced him to sell his commission. He has escaped with his harlot, they say, towards Paris. Truth is only one; she is long coming out, but she herself always shows what she is. This conduct has broken up all our apocryphal lodges of error. Part 4: Notes, Extracts & Letters

Martinez de Pasqually, Letter of 8 August, 1769

I would inform you that ?. Blanquet and his chiefs of the Papal Bull against, me and the Order have tailed and have lifted their feet from this Orient. Blanquet should now be in Paris with his concubine, the woman Gauntemps. Thus truth is avenged.

Martinez de Pasqually, Letter of 16 February, 1770

You have been received by a man who had no right nor authority in this matter, the Universal Deputy Master not having himself the right nor authority to transmit the power to make any Rosicrucian nor give any supreme degree, except to transmit his authority for the degrees of Apprentice as far as to Master Priest and no more.


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