The Letters of martinez de Pasqually

Martinez de Pasqually Letter of 7 August, 1770

I will now reveal to you, P… M…, the favour which I have obtained from God by the force of my labours and the sincere and legitimate prayers of my true disciples and co-workers in the Order. I have not been long in experiencing the efficacious effects of the grace which the Eternal has truly wished to accord me by the favour of restoring the health of my wife, whom death surrounded with his pale shadows, encompassing her bodily form with formidable evils capable of destroying human nature. The divine favour has restored her powers contrary to the prescribed limitations of the disease.

I now make a sincere avowal of the different evils which afflicted my wife. You will shudder in pronouncing them. First, the dissolving of her blood. Second, a flooding for fifty-one days. Third, obstruction of the matrix. Fourth, relaxation of all the intestines. Fifth, a renal colic and engorgement in the glands of the groin on the right side. Finally, the agony of sciatic rheumatism. A consultation held by our most celebrated physicians and surgeons, in the presence of all her family, of my wife, and seven or eight co-workers, by every law, condemned my wife to death, without resource, which greatly afflicted all her family. After having received this cruel decision from the council I rehearsed the different evils which afflicted my wife, which somewhat surprised them, and they replied to me that they abandoned her to my experiments, which they had never seen. The disease, never having been fever, had greatly disconcerted them and I charged myself, with the aid of God, to attempt the removal of the entire malady. The aforesaid doctors ordered my wife to submit to my orders, but they did not believe that I would be successful in my efforts.

Briefly, on the third day, I saw signs of returning health and perceived the crisis through which she has passed as clearly as the council which had condemned her to death. An efficacious proof of the grace which I have received was that, the fourth day of my work, I lifted up my wife and exercised her a little which caused an abscess to burst in her lower bowels, which poured forth a: quantity of offensive matter. This abscess is still in suppuration today by the path of nature and appears like flooding. This prompt healing caused a great commotion in our city and province.

Martinez de Pasqually Letter of 20 January, 1770

I think that you should not doubt anything which I communicate to you but that on the contrary you should follow my advice and be guided by that which truly belongs to you, as well as you should judge it, by the things enclosed, which I sent to prepare you for La Chose, which you desire to know. The favour which I ask of you is that you should not speak to a living soul concerning the things which I have never revealed to any person, not even to a Rosicrucian, they not yet properly understanding the seasons in which to withdraw themselves from the great world in order to give themselves entirely to La Chose. If La Chose were not truly such as I have assured it and had not manifested itself as indicated before me and all persons who wished to know it, I would not only have abandoned it myself, but would also conscientiously have warned away all those who right have wished to approach it in good faith.

I think you have made part of the arrangements, which I have assumed, with the P. M. Universal Deputy, which is that the Sovereign Tribunal will give the constitutions signed with my seal, and I will charge myself to deliver the ceremonies of receptions of the different degrees of the Order in the same manner as the different catechisms and the secret explanations of questions and answers, which are contained in said catechisms. Finally, I will give from ? even to Z and all the world will be content. The arrangement which I have made with the T. P. Deputy is because I fear his many domestic affairs occupy him so much that he has not sufficient time to give for the good of the Order or the satisfaction of the members.

Finally, ?. ?. Master, you should go to Paris in April, and not risk harming yourself, neither on your own account nor that of your brothers, in receiving a constitution as the brothers of the Temple of Libourne have done, which in the beginning included six persons, not one of whom had been received at our house. I would inform you that I have taken a confidential secretary who produces copies from my registry of all time degrees as received, with ceremonies and particular instruction. In short, he is charged with the general and particular secretaryship. He is a brother whom I have had with me for more than a year and is very intelligent. ?? has given up everything to follow La Chose under all circumstances. His own uncle is the Prior of the Grand Augustinians of Paris. This brother not being very rich when he gave up his writing, which was necessary on entering a temple, was presented with certain fees that he might not absolutely lose his time. He is very competent.

If you have the intention of ennobling your Grand Temple, make it known to me. I will prepare the work well for you, and there will be two months of writing to do, without much amusement, in order to advance La Chose rightly and intelligently.”

Martinez de Pasqually, Letter of 7 April, 1770

Concerning the success which you have not yet received from La Chose, let not that surprise you. La Chose is sometimes merciless towards those who desire it too earnestly before their time. Be faithful and you will be recompensed when you least expect it. I do not conceal, potent M… that a true Rosicrucian should be withdrawn from all material impurity and, above all, from those physical desires and acts which bring distraction to the soul. I recommend that you follow exactly all that the Grand Master, de Grainville, instructs you concerning the Order. I will direct you so that you may work in the four circles, with the four circles of correspondence. You will make the same invocations for yourself as for him, that is, precisely alike. Part 4: Notes, Extracts & Letters

When the convalescence of my wife permits me, I will work with the different invocations which are necessary for the seven days work of the week, each having relation to the good spirits of the planets and the chief powers ruling over them. I have begun this work, which is very satisfying and curious. I have left the interests of the Order in the hands of Past Master de Grainville. After this work I will make the invocations for all the operations of each month of each equinox, except for the two solstices.

Martinez de Pasqually, Letter of 16 November, 1771

It will be quite possible, C… M…, for me to appoint a month in advance, according to your desire, the time when you will be able to work in the equinoxes. I can give you the choice of three consecutive days, which will best accommodate you within the week, as I have offered you. The embarrassment will never come from my side, but I am not able to answer for you, that it will be the same on your part. As I only lead you by the laws of Nature, I am obliged to regulate myself by the course of the Moon, for my work here below, since she is the scar which principally directs the inferior party, and I have no: yet made my calculation to know at what time the next Moon of Mars will fall. When I shall have assured myself of it I will take great care that you have a part in it, but I repeat to you that her appointment should correspond with yours. I know that it will be difficult for you to occupy yourself with spiritual work from the 20th of March to the 5th of April. Yen will be free before the term. Write me if you should learn the time more nearly, since it is possible that the equinoctial Moon may go into the month of April.

Let us suppose the matter of time settled and let us speak of the kind of work you must do. I believe you have written of not considering further what M. de Grainville has proposed to you and of reserving it for a time when you shall have made more progress. My intention has been and is that you should limit yourself to a work of three days, which I have forwarded from here, wholly translated from Latin to French. You will join the invocation which you have of G…A…, following precisely the instruction which I have already sent you upon this subject. The great invocation at midnight does not belong to this last work, so this object is no: pressing. As to the invitations and convocations, I believe you have already passed through something, which corresponds with it, and the point can be easily supplied, the more so as the operator is able to put himself into it, if it always tends to good.


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